Fully Compostable Flexible Packaging


TIPA’s innovative packaging is just as transparent, durable and impermeable as ordinary plastic packaging. However, unlike other commonly used materials on the market that can take up to 500 years to break down, TIPA's packaging biologically decomposes in a composter in up to 180 days and becomes a valuable fertilizer for soil.


TIPA is an award-winning innovative packaging solutions provider offering novel flexible packaging that is fully compostable and returns back to nature post-usage, just like an orange peel. TIPA’s bio-based, certified packaging consists of a blend of compostable polymers that make up the proprietary films and laminates, and are a game changer in the flexible packaging market with superior mechanical and shelf-life properties as conventional plastic – making it just as transparent, durable and impregnable as conventional plastic packaging. TIPA's packages have an end-of-life within the circular, organic waste stream, while conventional plastic packaging will last in a landfill hundreds of years. TIPA’s solutions were designed to be naturally recycled and to decompose in a compost system within 180 days, that then is used as fertilizer for future plants –   i.e. natural recycling.

Practical implementation


Possible replacement to

Any dry food & Non-food flexible packaging applications.

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Van De Halm COMP LR.jpg