FluidWorker - replaces toxic biocides in the metalworking industry


FluidWorker is based on UV technology that keep bacteria in process fluid under control, secures high productivity and extends the life of the fluid – without exposing employees to allergenic substances or carcinogens.

Ideal for small sumps with water-based process fluid used for metalworking (machining/deformation) and surface treatment (quenching/washing).

  • Biocide free.
  • Self-cleaning technology – minimum maintenance.
  • Ensures stable production without downtime.
  • Stand-alone unit - installed during production.
  • Breaks down 99.9% of bacteria within a few hours.


Please visit our our website for more information about FluidWorker 100 and our other products:www.walleniuswater.com

Practical implementation

https://www.walleniuswater.com/case/ssab https://www.walleniuswater.com/sv/case/siemens https://www.walleniuswater.com/case/atlas-copco https://www.walleniuswater.com/case/outokumpu

FW100 front picture transparent.png
FW100 front picture transparent.png
Wallenius Water Innovation AB
Wallenius Water Innovation AB
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Jan Östlund

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