Epsiliseen® ε-Polylysine - antimicrobial effect in food, pharma & cosmetics


ε-Polylysine, the main active ingredient in Epsiliseen®, is a naturally occurring homo-polymer of L-lysine with a degree of polymerization of 25~35 and molecular weight of approximately 5000. It is produced by bacterial fermentation and it has an antimicrobial effect against yeast, fungi and gram-positive and negative bacteria, making it suitable for versatile applications in the food, feed, nutraceutical and cosmetic industry.

  • ε-Polylysine will be decomposed into lysine and completely digested by human body. 
  • Acute oral administration toxicology study in mice shows that ε-Polylysine is non-toxic.
  • According bacterial reverse mutation determination research, ε-Polylysine has no mutagenicity. 
  • ADME study shows that the ε-Polylysine has a very poor absorption on the gastro-intestinal area, and do not accumulate in various tissues and organs.

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