EonCoat CR – Corrosion Protection of Carbon Steel


EonCoat CR, permanently protects Carbon Steel from corrosion. A 2-component ceramic coating forms an amorf alloy of phosphate-glass on carbon steel, that's impermeable for oxygen and humidity. Therefore the steel can't corrode. The ceramic shell protects against impact and abrasion.


EonCoat CR, is an 100% inorganic product with no hazardous effects on environment or people. It is quick hardening, (ca 10 min.) and can be overcoated after a few hours with CCE acrylate for aesthetic issues like color or gloss. Application must be done by a 2-component spray equipment.

Practical implementation

For understanding the technique of EonCoat go to this link: https://youtu.be/iOg0pIAzu_8

Possible replacement to

EonCoat CR replace all types of traditional protective coating systems- Especially suitable in environmentally sensitive areas. EonCoat CR shall be used as primer or one coat system on all larger constructions of carbon steel. It can be over coated by any topcoat. Application controlled by independent inspector can get 30 years warranty.

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