EmulGreen emulsifiers - GreenField Ⅱ


GreenField Ⅱ- GreenField II is your companies first step towards implementing a new emulsifier technology that allows you to use up to 90 % less emulsifier and avoid the addition of co-stabilizers in your formulations. With GreenField II you can avoid formulation foaming problems and obtain enhanced emulsion properties such as pH and temperature resistance.    


EmulGreen emulsifiers are:

  • derived from plants, follow the Cradle2Cradle principle (biodegrade) and avoid ecotoxicity issues
  • extremely effective and, therefore, significantly lower the required quantities to make emulsion-based products
  • show the potential to eliminate the addition of co-stabilizers
  • lead to extended emulsion shelf life
  • give emulsions with enhanced heat, cold and pH resistance
  • prevent formulation foaming problems
  • contribute to a lower carbon footprint
  • are mild to the skin 

Possible replacement to

Hazardous emulsifiers.