TEGO® Wet - Substrate Wetting Additives

  • Short chain, polyether-modified siloxanes
  • Low molecular weight polyether-modified siloxanes
  • Alkoxylates


Short chain, polyether-modified siloxanes:

  • Reduces static surface tension, almost universal aids for difficult to wet and contaminated substrates in diverse areas of application including on capillary substrates such as wood, ability to customize properties such as compatibility, low foam and anti-cratering effects via polyether modification and siloxane chain length.

Low molecular weight polyether-modified siloxanes:

  • Anti-cratering properties, can be used to improve wetting of wood substrates, can be used in spray paints, provides optimum atomization during application without affecting the slip characteristics of the dried finish.


  • Reduce dynamic surface tension which is particularly advantageous for printing inks, foam inhibiting and degassing in waterborne coatings and printing inks, can be used to act as a deaerator and to wet pigments and promote flow.

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