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Sustainable Water-resistant Solutions for Paper-based Packaging

PROTĒAN Water offers eco-friendly coating solutions for single-use paper packaging products which must be durable, versatile, visually appealing and provide superior water-resistance. It replaces traditional plastic coatings, bioplastics, waxes and silicones.

The patented plant-based formula is a recyclable, efficient and cost-effective alternative for pulp & paper manufacturers.

Sustainable Oil and Grease-Resistant Solutions for Paper-based Packaging

PROTĒAN OGR offers the ability to formulate eco-friendly coating solutions for paper packaging products in the food service and retail sectors. This patented technology is FDA-approved for food contact, offers superior oil and grease resistance properties. This allows manufacturers to replace papers which are treated with harmful fluorochemicals or use plastic coatings.

As a truly green alternative the formulations offer double the range of 3M kit values when compared to existing fluorine-free alternatives. The grease barrier properties allow the paper-based packaging to maintain dry strength while delivering impressive grease-resistance properties to paper with a lower overall coat weight.

  • Derived from natural and renewable resources
  • Coated paper is re-pulpable
  • Exemplary formulations are BPI-certified

Possible replacement to

PFAS-based paper solutions.

HS Manufacturing Group (HSMG)
HS Manufacturing Group (HSMG)
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HS Manufacturing Group (HSMG)

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