PFAS-free Kuraray Poval™ and Exceval™


Kuraray Poval™ transform paper into art. With outstanding adhesion with cellulose due to hydrogen bonding, film strength, barrier properties, binding strength of filler, and dispersing performance, Kuraray Poval™ are used in a variety of paper applications. For example, the specialty grade Exceval™ enhances and improves paper performance by improving water, chemical, and oil resistance. Kuraray Poval™ offer significant advantages for strength and barrier properties in the commodity and specialty paper market.

Exceval™ combines the unique properties of polymer technology with expertise in barrier technology. Using Kuraray’s expertise in EVAL™, high gas barrier plastic packaging can be extended to paper structures by either laminating or melt-curtain coating Exceval™ onto the paper substrate.

  • Polymers that are already used today in the paper industry as binders and barrier coatings. 
  • Good film formers and hydrophilic so they provide a good barrier against fats. 
  • The products are a little more difficult to use than PFAS as they require the right equipment to coat them and that you succeed well with the coating. Kuraray Poval™ is polyvinyl alcohol and Exceval™ is ethylene vinyl alcohol and both are water soluble.

Possible replacement to

PFAS-based binders and barriers coatings.

Kuraray Poval™
Kuraray Poval™
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Kuraray Poval™

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