Fluorine-Free Textile Coating


CCM is proud to announce the launch of a new coating which is regarded as a Fluorine-Free Textile Coating.

After intensive R & D over the last 2 years, CCM is now ready to introduce a stunning new Liquid Glass Textile Coating which, in order to establish resistance to staining from grease and oil is not based on either Perfluorooctanoic acid (*C8) or Perfluoroalkyl substances (**C6). Many experts said that it was impossible to create a stain resistant and super-phobic coating (resistant to staining from oil and water) without the addition of a significant amount of either C8 or C6  to the mixture.


The coating is water-based, exceptionally easy to apply, and it cures at room temperature. It is durable, odour free, highly flexible, undetectable and uses fluoroalkylsilane as the active agent; this bonded agent is not regarded as a dangerous agent and as a result it is “non-declarable” and so it is ideal for both industrial and DIY application – and, of course, it offers  superb performance.

Possible replacement to

Fluorine Textile Coating.