Enviro 3x3 Plus - Fluorine free firefighting foam


Fomtec Enviro 3x3 Plus is a multi-purpose alcohol resistant fire fighting foam totally free from fluorinated surfactants and polymers.

The foaming characteristics of Fomtec Enviro 3x3 Plus allows the foam to fast spread across the burning liquid and get control of the fire. Fomtec Enviro 3x3 Plus has been designed to work effectively on both hydrocarbon and polar fires.


When applied on polar solvents a polymeric membrane is formed and makes it possible for the foam blanket to extinguish effectively. It also works on severe foam destroying liquids such as MTBE. Fomtec Enviro 3x3 Plus should be used at 3% proportioned solution both on hydrocarbon liquids and polar solvents. When used with sea water the fire performance is reduced.

Possible replacement to

PFAS in fire fighting foams.