Ecopol premium - PFC-free fire fighting foam


As efficient as the best AFFF-AR foams, ECOPOL PREMUM is a highly efficient alcohol-resistant firefighting foam and can be used in direct application. ECOPOL PREMIUM multipurpose foam achieves best performances with fresh/sea water on:

  • hydrocarbon fires: Certified 1A/1A under EN 1568-3 standard
  • polar solvent fires: Certified 1A/1A under EN 1568-4 standard

ECOPOL PREMIUM is a Fluorine-Free Foam (F3), completely biodegradable.

  • ECOPOL PREMIUM is completely free of fluorine derivatives (PFC, PFT and PFAS) recognised as persistent in the environment, that are detrimental as bioaccumulables and toxic to living organisms.
  • ECOPOL PREMIUM is classified biodegradable. It breaks down quickly with no PBT (Persistent Bioaccumulable Toxic) residue and does not contain any halogen derivatives.

Possible replacement to

PFAS in fire foams.