Electrochemically driven manufacturing process for Nylon


Sunthetics is redesigning the manufacturing process for the main precursor of Nylon 6,6, a premium material used in a multitude of sectors. The company is developing sustainable and electrochemically driven manufacturing processes to replace traditional heat-powered ones.


Sunthetics has demonstrated efficiency improvements in the electrochemical production of adiponitrile (ADN), the key precursor for hexamethylenediamine (HMDA) and Nylon 6,6. The company implements novel reactor designs and operation innovations which suppress side reactions.

These advances allow the reactors to operate with a 30% reduction in raw materials utilization for the same production rate as state-of-the-art reactors, leading to a potential cost reduction of up to 20% in the production of ADN.

Sunthetics is currently moving from lab scale to pilot scale reactors. As part of our multiphase scale up strategy we are optimizing the performance of a 15 cm2 and are building our first 100 cm2 reactor prototype. We envision reaching full pilot scale by 2022.

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