Effective acidic cleaning agent - replacing hazardous acids/corrosion inhibitors


Bio Gen Active® Scale 131 offshore is an effective, high concentrated acidic cleaning agent, mild to the user, material and to the environment. The product is classified as PLONOR (Posses Little Or No Risk to the environment). The product contains Bio Gen Active®, a 100 % natural, health and environmentally optimised substrate derived from whey. It can replace strong acids with hazardous properties that need environmentally problematic corrosion inhibitors.


Bio Gen Active® Scale 131 offshore is developed and optimised for CIP (Cleaning in Place) operations of offshore and onshore water-borne systems. It can also be used for other types of cleanings of surfaces or in baths. Typical applications - • All types of heat exchangers • Tanks • Water pipe systems • Boilers • Water heaters • Air heaters • Cooling rolls Types of fouling - • Limescale & other Carbonates • Salts • Rust & other metal oxides • Humus • Cement • Shellfish Bio Gen Active® Scale 131 offshore is readily biodegradable and environmentally optimised according to strict Nordic environmental criteria. Bio Gen Active® provides skin and material protection, increases the cleaning power and the biodegradation. According ot the North see offshore countries (OSPAR) all ingredients are PLONOR (Posses Little Or No Risk to the environment). The product is therefore classified as green in Norway (best environmental category) and in Group E (best environmental category) according to the British offshore system, CEFAS. For more information about OSPAR and offshore approval see - https://www.ospar.org/work-areas/oic/chemicals.

Possible replacement to

Hydrochloric acid (CAS 7647-01-0), Formic acid (CAS 64-18-6) and other strong acids with corrosion inhibitors containing for example: Talgalkylaminetoxilat CAS 61791-26-2 Formaldehyde reactionsproduct with oleylamin CAS 91782-77-3 Prop-2-yn-1-ol CAS 107-19-7 Acetic acid CAS 64-19-7 Formaldehyde CAS 50-00-0

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