Eco-friendly chrome plating based on nanotechnologies


PVD CROMATIPIC plasma coating allows for production of extremely thin eco-efficient coatings with particular physical and mechanical characteristics such as corrosion proof.

The PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process is based on nanotechnologies and allows for the elimination of heavy metals, such as chromium and its derivatives, in wastewater and processing as well as in water saving and the reduction of harmful gas emissions.

The innovative PVD chromium plating system uses plasma technology and is highly eco-friendly as it does not use toxic chemicals.


The advantages of the CROMATIPIC system are:

✔ Rapid production, and reduction of the margin of adhesion defects on the multilayer.

✔ Special UV treatment: 100% solid, zero solvent.

✔ High cohesion of the polymer layer, better appearance of glossy, semi-glossy or satin finishes.

✔ PVD monolayer of thick chrome with control of: Roughness (Ra), micro crack and hardness using specific process parameters and compliant sputtering equipment.

✔ Possibility to treat flexible supports thanks to the elasticity of the material.

✔ The non-conductive coating makes it possible to process products otherwise shielded.

✔ When applied on transparent supports it is backlit. Unlike galvanic treated chrome, it allows light to shine through.

Possible replacement to

Chromium VI plating.