Eco Saw Chain Lubricant


Eco Saw Chain Lubricant, is a 100% degradable and environmentally friendly product. The product is completely water-soluble and contributes to a much cleaner environment compared to traditional oil-based lubricant.


Sustainalube present a quality product with high performance - a unique Swedish lubricant developed by world-class researchers. ECO SAW CHAIN ​​LUBRICANT is Sustainalube patented saw chain fluid that is suitable for forest machines, developed by researchers at Luleå University of Technology in collaboration with Swedish felling companies. The base of the lubricant is oil-free, which makes it more environmentally friendly than traditional bio-lubricants. The chain fluid is tested by independent third parties, in the laboratory and in harvesters down to -30 ° C and shows high performance. However, no tests can beat the experience that Sustainalube customers get when using the product out in the woods and today Sustainalube have many satisfied users in Sweden. Eco Saw Chain Lubricant is provided in two variants, a standard variant that is suitable for storage temperatures exceeding + 5 ° C and a winter variant that is suitable at lower temperatures.

Possible replacement to

Traditional oil-based lubricant.

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