EVORAL NFP – PFC-free water repellent (Textile)


EVORAL NFP is applied by padding followed by drying and fixation at 100 – 170 °C dependent on the substrate. EVORAL NFP as single application already leads to very good water repellent effects in initial state and after washes.


Combination with further textile auxiliaries is possible, but has to be tested. EVORAL NFP may be used in combination with polymers based on Acrylate, Polyurethane or EVA according to technical requirements. The compatibility of polymers with EVORAL NFP must be the subject of prior trials. The wash durability of any finish may be improved by the addition of a suitable cross linking agent. Prior trials are recommended in all cases. Stir up before use. Aqueous dispersion based on paraffin and polymers.

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Schill Seilacher
Schill Seilacher
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Schill Seilacher

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