Durapulp - biodegradable material


Durapulp is a biodegradable material, produced from new renewable resources and can be composted.


The material allows for a great deal of freedom in terms of design during molding and has favorable physical material properties.

Examples of the use of Durapulp: 

  • Packaging for food and consumer goods
  • Luxury goods and packaging 
  • Interior details 

Durapulp won first prize in the Innovative Product of the Year category at the PPI Awards in Brussels in 2012. The PPI Awards is the only international competition for pulp and the paper industry, and draws attention to companies' achievements, individual paper mills and people in The Innovative Product of the Year category rewards companies that succeed in overcoming all obstacles and developing new products that really stand out in the market and are important to end users.

Possible replacement to

Less safe options.