Dry Adhesive Technology


ShearGrip® RS102 is a nanofiber-based dry adhesive coated on a release-treated non-woven carrier for transfer applications. After transferring to an appropriate face stock, the dry adhesive shows excellent adhesion to many surfaces in shear, and can be easily applied, adjusted, and repositioned with long adhesion lifetime and clean, damage-free removal. Dry adhesive transfers well to many face stocks, particularly finished paper and polyester, with low pressure lamination at ambient temperature.

ShearGrip® is suitable for a wide range of market segments including consumer/industrial goods, film/label, packaging, transportation and electronics.


The secret is in the structure–millions of solid fibers with small enough diameter to grab surfaces for lasting adhesion when needed, but low enough peel to be removed without damaging surfaces. ShearGrip® dry adhesives are produced using an electro-spinning technique currently in widespread use for the filtration market, but never before used for adhesives.

ShearGrip® is defining a new class of dry adhesives made of nanofibers that have the following advantages:

  • Repositionable
  • Removable
  • Reusable
  • Easy and clean
  • Strong and dry

Possible replacement to

Conventional "wet" and solvent based adhesives.

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Akron Ascent Innovations
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SDS-03-01 - ShearGrip Raw Stock (DCN 1906011).pdf

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