Decovery® Bio-Based High-Performance Resins for Interior and Exterior Usage


Decovery® resins are partially made from renewable materials and show a similar or even superior performance compared to conventional waterborne resins. Decovery® contains up to 49% bio-based content and achieves a carbon footprint reduction of up to 34%, thereby enabling companies to develop a more sustainable paint.

Decovery® is also a safer alternative. We are pushing the boundaries to offer increasingly healthier solutions. We successfully substituted substances such as NMP, APEO/NPEO and organotin and are continuously pushing to deliver the lowest possible amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Furthermore, Decovery® is proven to deliver the highest quality across a range of indoor and outdoor applications in demanding specialty products. Our paint resins are durable and chemical-resistant; they provide a great finish with no yellowing effect and feel smooth to the touch. While being partially biobased, 

Decovery® performs equally to (and in some instances even better than) all fossil oil-based acrylic equivalents. 

  • Decovery® SP-7450

Decovery® SP-7450 is a copolymer emulsion designed for fast drying and fast blocking resistance, having a renewable content of 39%.  This resin can be used in Industrial wood exterior (Joinery) applications. It is suitable for clear and opaque coatings with excellent elasticity, good blocking resistance at high coating thickness as well as a good alkaline and sagging resistance. Application: industrial wood exterior coatings 

  • Decovery® SP-8310 XP

Decovery® SP-8310 XP is a pure acrylic resin having a renewable content of 37% and an ultra-low VOC content. It requires minimal to no coalescing solvents for proper film formation and can be formulated according to European VOC guidelines. Decovery® SP-8310 XP is suitable interior and exterior decorative paints such as high gloss, satin and matt paints and lacquers. The high water and humidity resistance combined with excellent elastic properties and broad adhesion profile makes Decovery® SP-8310 XP suitable for a wide range of high performance applications based on the same resin saving valuable storage and highest production flexibility.


  • Flexible interior and exterior wood and cementitious primers
  • Flexible interior and exterior wall and façade paints
  • Flexible interior and exterior wood coatings
  • Interior and exterior house paints
  • Industrial Joinery coatings
  • Adhesion primers for printing and packaging

Possible replacement to

Decovery® helps replace paint resins made from fossil oil derivatives , thereby reducing our dependence on carbon intensive and finite natural resources while emphasizing people’s health’.

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