Transform indoor farming with Nanoco’s state of the art quantum dot technology. The Deep-Red CFQD® Quantum Dot Film is the first quantum dot film released specifically for plant growth applications.  When combined with blue and/or near-UV LEDs, provides the optimal spectra to encourage maximum chlorophyll absorption and promote healthy growing, while minimizing energy consumption. Nanoco’s CFQD® quantum dots are completely free of cadmium and other heavy metals making them ideal for horticultural use.


Quantum dots allow for precise spectral tuning of the film depending on the specific plant being grown and can be tailored based on customer and application requirements.


  • Deep-Red emission to stimulate optimal chlorophyll absorption (both chlorophyll A & B)
  • Uniform emission from quantum dot film allows for even distribution and full plant absorption. No glare or hot spots.
  • Customizable size and shape available
  • Allows for the use of same fixture and blue/near-UV LEDs to be combined with different quantum dot films depending on plant to be grown
  • Reduced power consumption compared to HPS and traditional LED units
  • Ability to vary blue/red ratio per film
  • Reduced heat
  • Designed to work in conjunction with LED’s from 405nm – 455nm as required.

Possible replacement to:

cadmium compounds

Nanoco Technologies Ltd
Alternative type: Alternative material

Company name: Nanoco Technologies Ltd
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Contact name: Nori Hiramatsu

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