Contour - PFAS-free oil & grease resistant technology


Solenis has developed a new series of products designed to replace the use of PFAS in the production of molded pulp food containers while meeting specific end-use performance requirements. In fact, these solutions have reliably achieved excellent water holdout, as well as oil holdout, up to 45°C for one hour. Some systems have been successful in achieving oil holdout for one hour up to 60°C.

  • The ContourSM technology platform is a unique combination of TopScreenTM products designed to deliver oil and grease resistance, replacing PFAS in molded fiber food service articles such as bowls and plates.
  • ContourSM technology can be customized depending on the type of pulp and molding conditions to meet the desired performance in low- to mid-temperature end-use applications. Development of a next-generation version is underway to meet the performance needs for higher temperature end use.
  • Best of all, ContourSM is an easily implemented replacement for PFAS, which requires minimal equipment costs and process management changes.

Possible replacement to

PFAS containing barrier coatings