Surfactants to Create Clarity and Homogenous Solutions


Stepan Company offers several surfactants with hydrotropic properties that are reviewed and approved under the surfactant screen of the U.S. EPA Safer Choice Standard and are listed on the CleanGredients online database. Surfactants with hydrotropic properities help provide clarity to the formulation and allow the formulator to create homogeneous solutions. These surfactants are primarily used to formulate household, institutional, and industrial cleaning products, and serve as a starting point for the formulator when selecting environmentally favorable ingredients.


Surfactants with hydrotropic properties have several benefits:

  • Provide clarity to the formulation.
  • Homogeneous solutions.
  • Reduces cloud point.
  • Improves film streak.
  • Wide pH stability.
  • Bleach compatibility.

Check out STEPANATE® SXS, an excellent hydrotrope, or try ALPHA-STEP® PC-48, a multi-functional surfactant with hydrotropic properties. 

Explore the other surfactants under Documents to the right.

Possible replacement to

Hazardous surfactants in cleaning products.

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