Citropol 1A - made from renewable feedstock


Converts renewable feedstocks into high-value, specialty chemicals. Cosmetics and Personal Care Liquid polymers, and specialty alcohols as fixatives, silicone replacements, and emollients in skin and hair care.


Citropol® 1A is the first commercially available ingredient in the Citropol® class. It has excellent spreadability, compatibility in formulation, and rubs to absorbancy with ease. Citropol® 1A gives way to the skin without resistance and results in a high-gloss effect owing to their high refractive index. Its after-feel is defined by slipperiness and an absence of stickiness or tackiness. Citropol® 1A is biodegradable, biocompatible, and biorenewable.

Citropol® is a brand-new class of low MW liquid polymers that are made from 100% forest-derived terpenes using a clean, mild, and high yielding conversion process. The result is a patented, water-white, clear, odorless liquid with incredible feel properties. These polymers can be tuned and modified to achieve a wide range of physical properties that can be used in cosmetics, skin care, hair care, and fragrance formulations.

Possible replacement to

Fossil based building blocks.

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