Cellulose Hydrogel Bioprinting


FineCell’s Cellulose Hydrogel is a thick and shear-thinning suspension of cellulose microfibers in water, produced from FineCell’s Cellulose Powder. It has a viscosity specifically suitable for extrusion by using a 3D bioprinter.

This material is a multifunctional ingredients to help manufacturers of 3D bioprinting hydrogels (aslo called "bioinks") to make affordable bioinks with excellent printability, shape fidelity, and shape stability.


For specialists in 3D bioprinting, we offer cellulose hydrogel as a multifunctional ingredient with the following benefits:


The cellulose microfibers in our hydrogel form a continuous, strong, and stable gel network with excellent shape forming ability. Therefore, adding our cellulose hydrogel into bioink formulations will significantly improve the shape fidelity of the printed scaffolds.

Our cellulose hydrogel is also shear thinning. When shears (e.g. the pressure during printing) are applied, the viscosity of the hydrogel drops quickly, which makes the hydrogel flow easily. By removing the applied shears, the viscosity of the hydrogel recovers quickly, which is the key for a quick formation of the desired shape.

Shear thinning is an important property for achieving great printability at moderate printing pressure. It’s also important for the cell’s survival upon printing cell-laden bioinks, as the cells would become distorted and broken at too high printing pressure.


Thanks to its unique surface functionality, our cellulose hydrogel is crosslinkable with CaCl2. Crosslinking of the hydrogels that build up the scaffolds can significantly improve the shape stability.


It’s been shown that our cellulose hydrogel is non-toxic towards living cells and has excellent biocompatibility. Find test reports on the right of this page.

Our cellulose hydrogel can be formulated together with a wide range of bio-based polymers such as alginate, gelatin, GelMA, and hyaluronic acid, to achieve optimal cell adhesion and proliferation.

Want to know more about our cellulose hydrogel’s properties and how to use it for bioprinting? Find the details on the right of this page.