Cadira® Polyamide


Cadira® Polyamide is an environmentally-friendly dyeing process for polyamide, recycled polyamide and polyamide blends with elastane. Can be used with Telon® and Isolan® dyes together with selected Sera® products for pre and aftertreatments. The dyeing process is shorter by scour-dyeing and a modified aftertreatment in one bath.


Compared to the conventional process that requires three separate baths, pretreament, dyeing and a modified after-treatment can now be completed in the same bath, which in turn reduce water, process time and energy consumption considerably. Trial results observed up to 20-percent less electricity consumed, up to 30-percent less water consumed, up to 25-percent less steam consumed, and a reduction of up to 30-percent of the dyeing time.

Product benefits:

  • Reduced dyeing time
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Reduced wastewater
  • Reduced energy consumption


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Knoche Bernhard

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