CO2 for pH neutralization in cooling plants


Halia® QM pH Neutralisation Systems


Air Products Halia® QM CO2 neutralisation systems offer tailor-made dissolution equipment to satisfy any pH adjustment requirement.

Halia® QM systems are presented as a skid-mounted equipment, all in place. They are compact and automated, with a high CO2 dissolution efficiency and adapted to all kind of water treatment.

What are the Benefits of Air Products' Halia™ QM pH Neutralisation Systems?​

- All-in-place skid : Water and wastewater pH neutralisation with skid-mounted equipment with CO2 injection, gas dissolution and pH control

- Customised design : Designed to cover your specific needs depending on the water characteristics and the pH decrease required

- Safer than strong acids : No need to handle strong acids bins as Halia® QM can be automated to work in continuous mode

- No risk of over acidification : The CO2 self-buffering capacity and the automatically controlled system eliminates the risk of decreasing pH below 5

Possible replacement to

H2SO4 to keep pH below 8,5

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