CFQD quantum dots


When excited by an external light source, a quantum dot can emit any wavelength of light by tuning the size of the particle. This unique characteristic makes the technology ideal in a wide array of applications such as display, lighting, biomedical and security applications. Nanoco’s leading CFQD® quantum dots contains no cadmium or other toxic heavy metals while maintaining great performance thanks to Nanoco’s patented production process that allows for the manufacture of high quality nanoparticles on a large scale.


With increased awareness of the harmful effects of toxic heavy-metals, its use in consumer products is becoming increasingly regulated. Nanoco’s CFQD quantum dots, free of cadmium and other regulated heavy-metals, provide an alternative to heavy-metal based quantum dots. These quantum dots can be incorporated into electrical and electronic equipment, such as displays and lighting, to produce RoHS compliant products.

Possible replacement to

cadmium compounds

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