CADIRA® - Recycled Polyester


The Cadira Polyester concept was introduced in May 2016. That module provides information about environmentally friendly exhaust processing of polyester fibers with Dianix® dyes and Sera® process auxiliaries using best available technology (BAT). All processes, dyes and auxiliaries which are mentioned in the Cadira Polyester module, can be used for dyeing of recycled polyester without any restrictions.


Why is recycled polyester (rPET) considered as a more sustainable option in textiles?

  • 33% to 53% lower energy consumption needed in production compared to virgin polyester.
  • Diverting PET bottles into rPET fibers reduces landfill and thus less soil contamination, air and water pollution.
  • No need to use petroleum as raw material.

Dianix® dyes for recycled polyester have received Gold Level Material Health Certificate. These certified dyes can be used for manufacturing of healthy textile. Dianix® includes the following certified dyes: Dianix Blue XF, Dianix Yellow S-3G, Dianix Yellow Brown XF2, Dianix Yellow XF2, Dianix® Orange AM-SLR, Dianix® Turquoise S-BG, Dianix® ECO Black HF, Dianix® Red AM-SLR, Dianix® Red XF2, Dianix® Blue S-BG, Dianix® Brilliant Violet R, Dianix® Rubine XF2, Dianix® Yellow AM-SLR 200%.