Black pigments based on wood waste


Nature Coatings Wood waste-based carbon black alternative. Nature Coatings transforms wood waste into high performing black pigments. The wood waste is sourced from sustainable FSC certified forests.


The manufacturing process is closed-loop and a circular system. No external energy is required to run the equipment, and the process does not emit any CO2 or other greenhouse gases. Nature Coatings™ pigments are designed for industry. They are cost competitive. They are easy to use with existing equipment and water based formulas and do not require any upfront capital expenditure. Additionally, they stay far ahead of any global restricted substance lists, known as RSLs. The pigments do not fade in the sun and do not bronze or turn brown at high or low concentrations. The pigments are suitable for multiple applications including, but not limited to, screen printing, rotary printing, digital inkjet printing, coatings, dope dye, airbrush, resin casting and wood coloring. By using Nature Coatings™ pigment, millions of tons of CO2 can be prevented from entering our shared environment each year. 

The pigments are manufactured in a closed-loop system that does not emit measurable greenhouse gases. Additionally, the pigment is safer for all of us. Nature Coatings contains 90-100% less Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons, known as PAHs, that are found in all petroleum based carbon blacks. PAHs have been linked to cancer and are becoming more regulated in Europe. 

Petroleum based carbon black pigments are a major source of pollution and a potential health hazard for all of us. According to a study done by the Canadian government, for each kilo of petroleum based carbon black produced, 1.38 kilos of CO2 is generated in return. Petroleum carbon black pigments also have high levels of PAHs. These pigments are found in our daily lives. They are found in clothing, printing, paint, cosmetics, phone cases and steering wheels, just to name a few items. Nature Coatings pigments have 90-100% less PAHs than petroleum carbon black pigments.

Possible replacement to

Petroleum carbon black pigments.

Nature Coatings