Biosteel® - Production of synthetic silk biopolymers


Production of synthetic silk biopolymers, Biosteel®.


AMSilk is the first producer of nature based spider silkfibers in a continous spinning process: Biosteel® fibers. 100 % vegan and biodegradable. Biosteel® fibers are 100% nature based biopolymers. 100% biodegradablity. 

Biosteel® fibers could be in products such as:

  • Footwear: Ultimate Active Sports Footwear which enhances speed and endurance
  • Automotive: Premium interior application with outstanding features
  • Home + Interior: New generation of furniture design
  • Technical Textiles: Wide range of unique capabilities applied with Workwear
  • Medical Textiles: Improved everyday comfort, recovery and well-being

Possible replacement to

Less sustainable options that performs the same.


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