Biofoam - biodegradable biopolymers


BioFoam® is a patented foam that is comparable to EPS. It looks similar in structure and has more or less the same properties as EPS.


The major difference is that EPS is made of polymers that are based on fossil raw materials (a finite resource). The raw material for BioFoam® consists of biopolymers, which are made of vegetable materials (an infinite resource). This makes BioFoam the first foam to have an organic base. The consequence is that BioFoam®, like EPS, can be reused. In addition, it is biodegradable and it can be industrially composted at high temperatures under the influence of moisture and bacteria. For all applications, BioFoam® is durable and can be used for an extended time. BioFoam® is used in both molded parts and in (contour) cut products. This allows a wide range of technical products and packaging solutions to be made with unprecedented freedom of design.

Possible replacement to

Polymers that are based on fossil raw materials.

Synbra Technology (Bewi)
Synbra Technology (Bewi)
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Synbra Technology (Bewi)

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