Biodegradable fiber


PHA-based marine degradable fiber, produced from methane captured at waste water treatment facilities. Products made from Mango materials are designed to minimize their impact on the planet and contribute to a truly circular economy.


PHA is a family of biopolyesters that can be produced naturally by bacteria and other life forms. PHB is one of the many types of PHA. Unlike PLA and other biopolymers, PHA can biodegrade in many environments, including the oceans. YOPP pellets can be used in injection molding, fiber extrusion, additive manufacturing, and other plastic substitute applications.

Mango Materials deliver YOPP pellets to melt processors to be formed into a wide range of products. YOPP+ the future of PHA, made from methane. With YOPP+ Mango Materials solve two environmental issues at once, climate change and plastics pollution. Mango Materials co-locate with methane producers to convert abundant methane into PHA.

Mango Materials PHA biopolymers are biodegradable and biobased. When no longer needed, the goods created from our PHA can fully biodegrade in any environment where biology is present.

Possible replacement to

Conventional plastics.

Mango Materials
Mango Materials
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Mango Materials

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