BioPhon – Bio-based material for acoustic treatment


Trifilon’s BioPhon® is a prototype material – a spongy acoustic paneling that is made by blending hemp fibers with a compostable, starch-based binder. BioPhon performs as well as conventional acoustic materials in sound tests. It provides a number of health and sustainability merits because of its organic feedstocks and non-toxic fire treatment.


Trifilon wants to help the builders of more sustainable living spaces who want bio-based, safe building materials. BioPhon is made from hemp and a biodegradable starch-based binder, which is formed into fully biodegradable panels intended for installation as acoustic treatment. BioPhon can be used in several applications such as office landscape walls, school or daycare noise mitigation, flor-to-celing sound treatment and home sound insulation.

Key benefits:

  • Bio-based material.
  • Degrades when discarded.
  • Replaces inorganic materials.
  • Produces no inorganic air particulates.

Trifilon_Bio Phon_Sound Proof_2.jpg
Trifilon_Bio Phon_Sound Proof_2.jpg