BioLite – Injection molding material


Trifilon’s BioLite® is a high-performance biocomposite with an organic look. It mixes polypropylene and industrial hemp fibers, which is delivered in granulates for injection molding, and can be used in place of many conventional pure-fossil plastics. BioLite gives a number of sustainability merits, lighter weight, shape versatility, and high stiffness. The molded plastic can be colored using standard master-batch. Its plant fibers can be shown off and speckle a number of colors or surface finishes, matte or polished. It gives a look for the eco-minded.


BioLite is a family of materials that mix bast-fiber plants like hemp with thermoplastics to form granulates for injection molding. Consumer products made with BioLite can trace ingredients to European farms. BioLite can be used in several applications such as vehicle components, clothing hangers, luggage, kitchen containers and cosmetic packaging.

Key benefits:

  • Fully recyclable.
  • Bio-based and light material.
  • Reduces reliance on fossil fules.

Possible replacement to

Non-renewable feedstocks like petroleum derivatives, glass fiber, or chalk with plants that soak up carbon.

Trifilon_Bio Lite_Grnulates_Top_1.jpg
Trifilon_Bio Lite_Grnulates_Top_1.jpg
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