Trifilon Revo® - Recycled polymer biocomposites


Trifilon Revo® is a recycled polymer biocomposites from a leading Swedish biocomposite-maker. Revo uses high-grade and high-consistency, post-industrial polypropylene that is reinforced with industrial hemp fibers from Northern European farms. The blends are available in different ratios, currently from 10 to 30% fiber-fill. Trifilon delivers granulates that can be used in existing injection molding machines.


Because Revo uses recycled plastics mixed with carbon-sequestering plants, the CO2 footprint for production of molded plastic components is frequently positive (which implies that using Revo takes carbon from the air because it supports hemp agriculture, which does in fact take carbon from the air). Unlike other recycled plastics, Revo achieves light colors, and it can be colored using standard master-batching. Its plant fibers can be shown off if desired. And it achieves a number of surface finishes, matte or polished.

Reasons to choose Trifilon's materials:

  • High performance and lightweight
  • Replaces fossil-derived materials
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Organic look with its visible fiber
  • Works with standard machines and tooling
  • Can be colored using standard masterbatching
  • An easy step towards a greener economy

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