BioForm – High-performance biocomposite


Trifilon’s BioForm® is a prototype material – a high-performance biocomposite with an organic look. It mixes polypropylene and industrial hemp fibers, which is delivered in standard rolls of sheets used in conventional compression molding machines to form curved, angled or pressed shapes. BioForm gives a number of sustainability merits, lighter weight, good acoustic absorption, and high stiffness. The material has an organic look as it shows off its fibers when molded.


BioForm material mixes hemp with a thermoplastic binder. It is delivered in standard rolls of felt like sheets that can be molded and hardened with heat. BioForm can be used in several applications such as vehicle paneling, chair seats, sunglasses casing and sales displays.

Key benefits:

  • Fully recyclable.
  • Bio-based and light material.
  • Reduces carbon emissions.

Trifilon_Bio Form_hemp_4.jpg
Trifilon_Bio Form_hemp_4.jpg