Bio-based fibers


Self-healing and repairing fibres and coatings in powder, polymer or liquid forms. Sustainable manufacturing for creating programmable textile.


SELF-HEALING Materials to repair themselves and improve their lifetime. Minimizes the microfiber removal from garments hence minimizes pollutions in oceans. Fully biodegradable so it doesn’t harm nature. Tandem Repeat material production is energy efficient (at least half of the energy cost compared to synthetic fibers). It is an excellent alternative to synthetic fibers including but not limited to spandex (elastane). Besides, Tandem Repeat fibers are the only fabric that has the ability of self-healing. 

Various natural or synthetic yarn (polyester and nylon) becomes self-healing and repairing with our coating, and preserves fiber integrity under high wear and tear conditions. This allows creating products with longer life-cycles and minimizes environmental pollution. 

Possible replacement to

Alternative to synthetic fibers.

Tandem Repeat
Tandem Repeat
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Tandem Repeat

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