Bio-based Ethyl-L-lactate


Ethyl-L-lactate is the ethyl ester deriving from L-lactic acid which is produced through the bio-fermentation of corn and is featured in high optical purity, colorless clear liquid, light characteristic odor, it’s miscible with most organic solvents, and can completely dissolve in water.


Application advantages:

  • Lactate esters directly uses as intermediates to participate in synthesis, which can reduce estersintermediate links.
  • High purity and high optical content of lactate esters can enhance activity of drugs, improve conversion rate, and provide good economic benefit.
  • The use of renewable plants such as corn as raw materials has no pollution to the environment, and can degrade rapidly and reduce the wastewater during the production process.
  • As a chiral intermediates, lactate esters can be used in pharmaceutical lubricant, intermediates of drug pindolol, and important intermediates of synthesis of aryloxy phenoxy propionic acid ester for pesticides.

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