Bio-attributed, phthalate-free plasticizer for close to human use: Pevalen™ Pro


Pevalen™ Pro is a bio-attributed plasticizer ready to be dropped into existing formulations with Pevalen™. Based on the mass balance concept, it is a partly renewable pentaerythritol tetra valerate (PETV) designed to reduce the carbon footprint and supports sustainable sourcing of renewable raw material.

Pevalen™ Pro is third party certified according to the ISCC system which means we have both traceability back to the country of origin ensuring the biomass was sourced in a sustainable way as well as a certified mass balance and greenhouse gas (GHG) calculation.

Perstorp offers three grades of Pevalen™ Pro; Pro 8, Pro 24 and Pro 36, based on 8%, 24% and 36% renewable resources.


Plasticizers™ are used to increase the flexibility of PVC. Many of the most commonly used plasticizers are phthalate esters. Because of growing consumer concerns about the adverse health effects of phthalates, non-phthalate plasticizers are becoming the norm for close to consumer applications such as coated fabrics, flooring, toys, automotive interiors, molded parts, wall coverings etc.

Pevalen™ Pro is:

  • Softest, most stable & durable in test
  • Safe to use day-in-day-out
  • Perfect for PVC coated materials
  • Enables efficient production due to plasticizing efficiency & gelation
  • Low carbon footprint and produced with renewable content
  • Approved for use in food contact materials

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