BUDIT 341 – Halogen free flame retardant for electronic applications


BUDIT® 341 is a patent protected pure melamine polyphosphate (MPP). It acts as halogen free flame retardant in glass fiber reinforced polyamide and polyester, mainly used in electrical and electronic applications. Due to its high phosphate and nitrogen content it acts mainly in the solid phase and prevents polymer ignition and smoldering by char formation.


Key Benefits:

  • Halogen-free with an excellent eco-toxicological profile.
  • Can be used as a stand-alone and reacts synergistically with other flame retardants (phosphinates).
  • Is nearly insoluble in water and solvents.
  • Does not lead to migration to the polymer surface (water storage/ climate test).
  • Avoids deposits on the injection mold form.

Possible replacement to

Halogenated flame retardants

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Henrike Scheel

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