Highly effective water repellent agent for finishing fabrics of all fibre types.


BIONIC-FINISH® ECO is the umbrella brand for textiles that are finished with ®RUCO-DRY ECO and ®RUCO-DRY ECO PLUS and represents an ecological and pioneering technology for new, permanent water repellent finishing.

®RUCO-DRY ECO and ®RUCO-DRY ECO PLUS are based on fluorine-free formulas. Highly branched, hydrophobic polymers with dendritic structures are aligned across the textile and crystallise onto specially adjusted comb polymers. An optimal arrangement of many of these functional elements is highly effective. Additional boosters, e. g. ®RUCO-LINK RCX, which act as bonding agents, enable optimal adhesion and permanence on the fibre. BIONIC-FINISH® ECO combines ecology with pioneering, textile water repellent finishing. ®RUCO-DRY ECO PLUS was developed based on a technology which is environmentally friendly and fluorine-free using highly branched polymers, and already belongs to the 3rd generation of products based on fluorine-free formulas. It conveys higher efficiency combined with better permanence and sustainability. Oil and chemical repellency naturally cannot be achieved with this type of chemistry.

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The sensible and sustainable withdrawal from fluorine chemistry demands the user to realistically assess the necessity for repellency of water and aqueous dirt. RUDOLF GROUP offers an innovative alternative to the as yet customary strong water repellency which is attained via fluorocarbon chemistry.

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