Award-winning detergents made from coconut oil


Excellent cleaning effect.

Based on surfactants from coconut oil.

Biodegradable in accordance with EC Regulation No. 648/2004.

4 different washing products - depending on the fabric.


All Fibertec detergents are based on coconut oil and do not contain any kind of fabric softener, bleach or optical brighteners. They leave no residues in garment and are very effective at low washing temperatures.

Pro Wash Eco - For gentle and thorough cleaning of waterproof/breathable functional clothing such as GORE-TEX®, fleece products, soft-shells and other functional textiles. Awarded the OutDoor Industry Award 2010 in the category »products with high ecological and recyclable value«.

Down Wash Eco - For cleaning clothing and sleeping bags with down filling, optimizing their insulation properties. Bottle made out of 100% renewable raw materials.

Loft Wash Eco - Ecological special detergent for cleaning clothing and sleeping bags with synthetic filling, optimizing their insulation properties. Loft Wash Eco is a vegan detergent.

Wool Wash Eco - Detergent made particularly for gentle cleaning of merino wool and other wool clothing. Uses cedar oil to protect against moth feeding and contains no enzymes and no wool wax (lanolin). Bottle made out of 100% renewable raw materials.

Possible replacement to

Toxic detergents.


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