Aqualure G1 50 Internal Spray Liner – high performance non-BPA can coating


Aqualure G1 50 is a waterborne internal spray beverage can liner that delivers market leading application performance without the use of materials of concern, like BPA. This coating allows customers to transition smoothly between coating technologies while meeting performance requirements and complying with local legislation. Aqualure G1 50 has all the necessary regulatory approvals needed to permit it to be used anywhere in the world, as confirmed by third part testing. The product range has already been qualified by an extensive list of global and regional brand owners.


Aqualure G1 50 was developed as an acrylic-based coating to help transition the beverage can market away from BPA and epoxy (or epoxy-mimic) coatings. Acrylic technology has a well known safety narrative and proven performance to meet all can maker needs. Safety of this product was confirmed with the FDA, EU regulations, and other local and regional legislation.

Aqualure G1 50 can be used in all beverage cans to replace current epoxy (or epoxy-mimic) technologies. It was formulated to allow maximum efficiency during application and does not require special clean up when transitioning between coating technologies. Aqualure G1 50 is suitable for all drink types (Water, Juice, CSD, Beer, Energy, & Hard to Hold).

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Aqualure G1 50 is a replacement for industry standard epoxy (or epoxy-mimic) coatings used in beverage cans.

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Mirjam Veenhof

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Aqualure G1 50 Brochure EMEA.pdf

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