Alve-One® chemical blowing agent alternative to ADCA


Alve-One®, an innovative and sustainable chemical blowing agent for thermoplastics developed by Solvay in collaboration with the industry aiming at replacing azodicarbonamide (ADCA) and other hazardous blowing agents.

  • REACH compliant (not a SVHC), safe for humans and environment throughout its entire life cycle;
  • Promotes plastic foams recyclability;
  • No odors nor VOCs generated;
  • Weight reduction and insulation;
  • Faster foam production cycles and formulations optimization;
  • Safer working conditions and simpler logistics.


Alve-One® is a portfolio of endothermic chemical blowing agents (CBA), mineral-based, formulated without any hazardous raw materials, thus being safe for humans and environment throughout their entire life cycle. Alve-One® grades have been developed in collaboration with the plastic foams industry in order to meet their specific technical requirements with regards to weight reduction, cellular structure, emissions and compliance with the latest and future regulations / standards.

Alve-One® grades are suitable to foam thermoplastics (PVC, PP, PE, XLPO, EVA, EPDM, and other resins) that can be found in multiple end-markets, such as Automotive Interior Parts (dashboards, trims, panels, artificial leather, cables, sealants), Packaging, Footwear and Sports Apparel, Building and Construction (wall covering, vinyl flooring, profiles, cladding, pipes).

Alve-One® foaming solutions have been developed with the main goal of bringing to the plastic foams industry an alternative to azodicarbonamide (ADCA), a substance of very high concern (SVHC)  for Respiratory sensitizing properties (Article 57(f) - human health) and included in the candidate list for authorization according to REACH regulation. It can also replace other existing blowing agents, such as OBSH (CAS N. 80-51-3) and expandable microspheres.

Main advantages of using Alve-One® instead of azodicarbonamide (ADCA) are:

  • REACH compliance regarding the usage of safe raw materials to produce foams with a direct impact on the company’s sustainability profile;
  • Improved recyclability of foamed parts because no hazardous residues from Alve-One® will be present in the foam;
  • More efficient logistics regarding the CBA and its foams (Alve-One® is safe to handle, to transport and to store and it can also be produced anywhere in Solvay’s global production network);
  • Significant reduction of VOCs emitted by foams, leading to a significant reduction of fogging;
  • No ammonia smell generated by foams;
  • Foam production benefits such as faster cycle times, lower energy consumption, optimized formulations might be verified;
  • Safer workplaces and lower negative impact on workers’ health, as Alve-One® is not flammable, not explosive and not toxic;
  • Safer foamed end-products for the consumers (no harmful residues coming from the CBA), potentially valid for food contact applications;
  • Improvement of Alve-One® user company’s sustainability profile due to hazardous substances reduction.

Possible replacement to

Azodicarbonamide ADCA ADC AZO C,C'-azodi(formamide) CAS# 123-77-3 EC# 204-650-8

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