Sulapac® - 100% biodegradable and with no microplastics


Made from wood and natural binders. The main components of Sulapac® are wood and plant-based binders. Sulapac Universal and Sulapac Premium are 100% bio-based materials.


All Sulapac® materials are made from sustainably sourced, GMO-free raw materials that are food contact approved (EU). The wood ingredient comes from wood industry’s processing side streams. The bio-based material content in all Sulapac recipes is maximized. 

Sulapac® is a sustainable alternative for conventional plastic. Although not all plastic can or should be replaced, the number of possibilities is vast. Sulapac® can be used as packaging for everything from cosmetics to foodstuff and jewelry. There are also countless application possibilities outside of packaging: Sulapac Universal material is suitable for rigid products such as clothing hangers, personal care items, rocket cones and more – your imagination is the limit. 

Sulapac® materials can be recycled via industrial composting. They fully biodegrade without leaving microplastics behind. They are made of sustainably sourced raw materials taking advantage of wood waste from industrial side streams. Most of Sulapac recipes are 100% bio-based. By replacing conventional plastic with Sulapac® you help solving the global plastic waste problem. If a Sulapac product accidentally ends up in nature, it will biodegrade into CO2, water and biomass without releasing hazardous chemicals that could harm the ecosystem. When incinerated, the greenhouse gas emissions are very small compared to polypropylene (PP) for example.

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Conventional plastic.


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