Alternative plasticizer - GYC TOTM


TOTM - trioctyl trimellitate - phthalate free plasticizer alternative.


  • Wires & Cabler 
  • Leather Cloths
  • Gloves
  • Shoes
  • Construction materials
  • PVC Plastisols


TOTM has low volatility and low migration and its electric resistivity and heat resistance are excellent. The wire and cable to which TOTM is applied in the process can pass USA s UL 62105°C class. TOTM’s migration and water extraction are lower than those of DIDP. To compare with DOP at the same flexibility, TOTM’s cold resistance is lower. With respect to PVC plastisol, under the condition of same flexibility, the viscosity of plastisol made with TOTM base is lower to that made with DIDP. As regards stability, since TOTM plastisol changes less than DOP, it is considered more stable than DOP.

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