Alternative plasticizer - DINA


DINA -  diisononyl adipate - phthalate free plasticizer alternative.


Diisononyl adipate (DINA) is a light colored and oily liquid plasticizer which is used in polymeric systems based on vinyl, nitrocellulose and rubber. In these systems, DINA adds flexibility to products at low temperatures. DINA can be used in applications that require aversion to discoloration by heat and ultraviolet light, such as clear films for food packaging. DINA is also used as a skin condition agent in cosmetic and personal care applications. In Lubricants, another use for DINA is in formulations that require low temperature flow properties is as an adipate diester fluid. In these applications DINA can be used as a synthetic base oil. DINA can also be used to improve additive solubility, reduce varnish and extend fluid life.

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