Advanced Microbial Products


A multi-strain blend of micro-organisms, enzymes and propriety ingredients developed as a cost effective, ready to use treatment for effluent, municipal (sewage) and industrial water.

The bacterial strains (bacillus & pseudomonas) and fungi selected produce a wide range of extra-cellular hydrolytic enzymes that aid in bio-augmentation and remediation processes.



·         Specifically targets and degrades all types of effluent, fat, starch, protein, cellulose and lignin

·         Proven complete degradation of effluent all the way to carbon dioxide and water

·         Effective bacterial action reduces odours associated with wastewater

·         Regular dosing keeps pipelines clear and free flowing

·         Prevents negative impact on physical function of wastewater treatment plants

·         Optimise performance - acceptable levels of COD, BOD and TSS

·         Readily biodegradable

·         Low toxicity formula - every component chosen to minimise environmental impact

·         Manufactured under strict quality control standards to ensure high quality and purity


·         Reduction in sludge production

·         Minimise disposal costs

·         Accelerates the start-up of new systems

·         Speed up recovery of biomass upset

·         Reduce BOD, COD, TSS

·         Eliminate foul odours at the source

·         Increase wastewater reliability

·         Improved compliance – avoid discharge fines

·         Energy savings – less aeration

·         Reduce hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and nitrates

·         Enhance nitrogen and phosphorus removal


·         Optimised propriety bacterial consortium degrades a broader spectrum of substrates

·         Greatly reduced labour time

·         Effectively degrades petrochemicals and petroleum hydrocarbons

·         Enhances the organic removal efficiency of a treatment system

·         Controls flocculation by competing against filaments

·         No chemical additives required

·         Increases system efficiency

·         Formulated as a bioaugmentation powder for user-friendly dosing

·         Modern bacteria-compatible chemistry, works with bacteria to deliver maximum product performance


·         Water treatment

·         Waste water treatment

·         Bioaugmentation in effluent treatment including municipal, food processing, pulp and paper plants

·         Treatment for municipal drains, sewers and lift stations

·         Sludge reduction

·         Composting and agricultural slurry treatment 

·         Hydrocarbon spills on water and soil

·         Contaminated water and soil (bioremediation)





Possible replacement to

Synthetic chemicals used in water & wastewater treatment.

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