ACTICELL RT is an environmentally friendly bleaching alternative to create a used look on denim garments. 

Use for intense bleaching effects comparable to potassium permanganate.


ACTICELL RT is sprayed on garments on areas to be bleached and works on cotton, synthetics and blends. The product is stable and nonhazardous to the environment. The colour makes it easily visible during spraying and it can be diluted with water.

Creates a strong and natural look on indigo and sulphur dyed Denim garments.

This product is approved according to GOTS and the ToxFMD Screened Chemistry® Program.Acticell RT is listed in the ZDHC Gateway.

Possible replacement to

Potassium Permanganate

Acticell GmbH
Acticell GmbH
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Christian Schimper

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