A new generation of fluorine-free, fully microporous, waterproof membranes


We believe in a world where outdoor clothing protects people as much as the nature we all enjoy. Unfortunately, the industry has not always been able to fulfill this promise in the past. Either forever chemicals (PFCs) were used in the products and especially the membranes or the quality and performance of the clothes were not acceptable.

Our patented template removal process is used in the manufacturing of our microporous membranes to provide the apparel industry with a real sustainable alternative without any compromise in performance.

Our membranes are then incorporated into final products, typically outdoor gear.



  • sane membrane ™ : 

    Our sane membrane™ is extremely waterproof, you will stay dry even in the most extreme weather conditions. Combined with high breathability, this is the optimal membrane for long periods in the harshest conditions.

    No harmful chemicals such as PFCs or solvents are used neither in the production or in the final product so that you can experience and protect nature without leaving a trace.

    The waterproof fluorine-free membrane is mainly based on polypropylene.

  • dimpora 3D membrane : Our unique 3D membrane technology eliminates seam tapes beating performance levels and offering limitless membrane shaping. 
    • A new approach to directly coating the membrane onto an already assembled jacket.

    • Taking advantage of the stickiness of the dimpora membrane, it can be sprayed, painted, or dip-coated on the textile.

    • This system avoids the loss of membrane activity due to cutting, sewing, and seam taping as well as reducing failure tests and waste.

Key advantages:

  • Exceed upcoming regulations: PFAS-free microporous membranes.

  • Beat performance levels: highly waterproof, breathable, resistant & stretchable.

  • Unlock your full sustainability potential: endless polymer options. Bio-based & mono materiality.

  • Collaborative validation: stage-gate process to final collection.

  • Collections won't wait: we are a ready-to-market solution.

  • No hurdles: Plug & play for existing production machinery.

Possible replacement to

Textile membranes containing PFCs (Perfluorochemicals)

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