Bee Kind™ Beeswax Waterproofing Bar


The beeswax heavy duty water repellent and protecting wax is made from the highest quality Beeswax and blend of waxes. A great option for heavy duty waterproofing projects like outdoor equipment, float and tent awnings, tent seams, jackets or pants, bike wear, back packs, hats, synthetic and canvas horse covers, horse saddle blankets, trekking boots, jeans, canvas shoes, fishing & hunting gear, rucksacks, tents and hiking boots.


Any surface that requires a heavy duty waterproofing surface. Easy to use. Can be used in hard to reach seams and stitching. For horse covers, does both synthetic and canvas. Wax needs to be heated and cured into fabric for high-quality results. 

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Bee Kind and Co.
Bee Kind and Co.
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Bee Kind and Co.

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